Reinforce your muscles: What are you doing at the gym?

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A practice always at the gym is a habit that affects more and more people and embraces their health and physical appearance. And precisely this latter dimension sometimes presents a threat to equilibrium that every training program must have. Most efforts are devoted to the chest, arms and legs, while for several rehearsal exercises the best regulation for posterity muscle training occurs only in sports perfect than Swimming.

This is a mistake, especially in terms of the well-being of our bodies, because an overly incompatible exercise can endanger the stability and health of the back muscles is essential for the protection of the vertebral column and if ignored the cause of illness and pain.  Today, especially among people who are in work, at risk of exposure mistake.

Returning Gymnastics: What muscles do you need to practice?  Behind the training

is behind a complex system by great muscles and because of their size and importance, it is good to teach them correctly, as well To support other muscle effort during the exercise.

Muscle groups behind:

  • Back the largest and most extensive human body
  • rhomboids smooth muscles between the shoulder blades and the vertebral column
  • trapezoidal located in Top back, forming the most volume,
  • lower spine muscles that hold the spine in the correct position.

For each of these muscle groups special exercises is usually done at the gym to improve their general condition and prevent pain due to unbalanced exercises or abusive behaviors in daily life

Dorsal muscle training exercises

To train the force of the randy muscles, which is the bundle of the two sides of the upper trunk, just below the weapon, the most classic but always effective exercises is stretching to the tape which can be done in some variations. The most common stretching is by pulling the base on the instrument (ie, behind the back of our hands) and pressing the body to meet the bar at the height of the spine and tensile by pulling the torso (Ie facing the palm of your hand) and pressing the upper chin over the bar.

 Stretch tape

Also available in the gym are some machines that allow to perform special exercises for the back area as Horizontal Rotation which we must When sitting, put knees and bends and legs on appropriate supports, bringing batches of machines to the chest, spreading shoulders and bending the elbows. The lattice machine is always based on the principle of pulling the handle of the device itself, but this time it is tilted from the sitting position with the back slightly and carrying the tool up to the chest.

 Rear working tape

Only by using a bunch, you can work on the back muscles by doing Shirt which is done by lying on the couch. Grab the upper disk of the instrument and grab it from behind the shoulders

Exercises for Ramboids

Exercises for the back muscles strengthen the Rambo muscle. However, there are some exercises that have more work specifically in this area from behind. This item is related to from the downside which is done by lowering the bench down and opening and stretching the arms at the shoulder surface, and one handle for each hand with the palm in the direction of the head. The same exercise can be achieved by pulling weapons on the head and picking up dumbbells with palms inside.

Harder exercises for rhomboids are inverse reverse : standing, kneeling slightly and creating an angle of about 45 degrees with the thyroid, opening dumbbells that open the arms to really correlate To form shoulders.

Trapzius exercises

To train trapezius muscles, exercises that are often proposed at the gym are vibration with command. This action is stacked, with a handle in each hand, the arms around the body and the legs are slightly separated. The lifting of the seats is done up and down, holding the arms always expands, and only the trapzius muscles rises.

 Exercise Therapy

Always with dumbbells and standing you can do screwdriver : with a handle for hand and back as much as possible. Along the ground, we lift tools to the chest, which is an angle of about 45 degrees with the elbows, and as a result of the central congestion by the back movement of the shoulder blades, In addition, the sword with a cable or stretch The tape also acts on the trachea muscles

 High-pressure sports at the stadium

Using the command, bending can be done instead. With a bit of legs and arms extending along the sides, while keeping the legs still, we pull the pit. From this position, we start with the category that touches the ground.

Like all sport activities that include anaerobic effort and the use of weight, dumbbells and machines, it is recommended that you do these exercises back in a high school with qualified staff who is able Will recommend recommendations for exercises, when to introduce new ones and how much weight they use.

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